Allyson is an amazing presenter and delivers extraordinary content! Her passion and knowledge about making miracles in your life is second to none. She helped me see how easy it is to start manifesting miracles RIGHT NOW!

C. Kent,Louisville, KY

My sessions with Allyson have totally transformed my life. Be prepared for a journey that will totally change your perspective and will truly open a new possibility to experience your life on a whole different level. You can live the miraculous life you always wanted. She will guide you and will never give up on you. Even when you yourself have lost faith in the process and you think that what you are doing doesn’t work. Because it does; Especially when you don’t know it, trust that you are continuously moving towards a better life, your true life.

She’s beyond more than caring, a real intuitive, a fantastic coach and most importantly she has your back. My new life is beautiful and I live it now, it’s no longer in my dreams. And that would not have been possible if I hadn’t crossed paths with her. Allyson you are extraordinary. You have my respect and gratitude beyond measure.

Ioanna K.London, UK

I’m an educator, a consultant, and an entrepreneur. I have been blessed to benefit from the wisdom of many coaches throughout my life. Without reservation, I can say that Allyson Chavez is the BEST coach I’ve ever worked with, and she sets the standard for my future coaches for three main reasons – results, the ease of working with her, and her deep level of care.

I’ve seen results in my ability to sustain a higher plateau of vibrational energy throughout my day, and this has led to me manifesting several miracles. From various amounts of money, enjoying deeper levels of joy and gratitude, to having events turn in my favor, I’m seeing tangible evidence to intensify my belief that I can be more, have more and contribute more in my personal and professional life. It’s only been two months, but I clearly see that this Sh** works! Too bad we can’t have a session every day!

If you’re like me, you prefer to work with the BEST! Someone who cares about me, and who treats me like family. Someone who’s focused on value, and on ensuring details are handled. Someone who loves people, and who genuinely wants to see them succeed. For me, that person is Allyson Chavez. After 2 months of Allyson’s coaching, I’m clearing out negative programming, processing information from a Miracle perspective instead of a mediocre point of view, and I’m focusing on aligning to universal laws.

Dr. Alvin C. MilesEducator, Consultant & Entrepreneur  

I wanted to share some specifics so you know how this is all working, at least for me.

I appreciated what you said re: my fears of giving up control. You suggested I sacrifice feelings of not enough, feelings of fear, etc.  I’ve known about sacrificing something good for something better, but it never occurred to me to look at it the way you explained. I liked that new understanding. And when I turned on my audio of Pathway to Prosperity the next day, where should it start, but the Law of Sacrifice?! It completely cemented in what you had helped me realize in our call of sacrificing the lower for the higher. Thank you!

And more than once since our call, when I’d start to dip, I’d remember that so much had been cleared and that I was just returning to what was familiar and I’d pivot out of that! It was great! I also use the visualization technique you taught us to keep me in a good state of mind. That has helped me so much! And I’ve been able to share that with my daughter.

I just wanted you to know I appreciate you and thank you so much for your guidance!

Melanie NewmanSimplyHealed Practitioner

Allyson truly is a miracle worker! If you don’t believe in Miracles, I dare you to work with her! Miracles have been coming in consistently since having Allyson as my coach. My life has transformed from making less than a couple hundred a month to now popping 6 figures. She has transformed my mindset from mediocre to miracle, shattered limited belief systems keeping my stuck, & helped me through times of doubt & fear. I have learned to plug into “miracles really do happen to me, in big and small ways”. My life is totally different in all the best ways. I am thriving in my life, business & family. I really do know God is looking out for me by sending me the perfect coach when I needed her at that point in my life when I was broke, broken & lost. I have at times had issues with my body & health & have asked for support from Allyson. Miracles would happen overnight and in some cases instantly. The other day when I got off the phone with my dentist they said it would take a miracle to get me in that day. I knew all I needed was a quick go to to my “miracle worker” ( aka Allyson) & got a call within minutes letting me know a spot opened up for me that morning. I had emergency surgery & everything worked out perfectly. I love those “it will take a miracle” challenges because I have Allyson by my side! Lol. Really. I love that miracles now happen daily in my life! Thank you for who you are and how you’ve changed my life!

Melissa LeBlancCEO|Healing For Wholeness, Intuitive Success Coach, Energy Practitioner

She knows exactly what is going on with you and where to start. I’ve had quicker and more amazing results with her than with anyone else I’ve worked with. There’s no comparison. She got me physical results in 2 sessions that I had been trying for years to address. And her sessions with myself and my spouse have eliminated some major mindset stressors and allowed us to be our happy selves again and get past a tough point in the relationship. We both Love working with Allyson and look forward to even more positive changes in our lives with her help.

Julie B.

I was struggling with self worth, trust, and lots of limiting beliefs that were stopping me from pursuing my goals. I came across Allyson and from the first time we talked on the phone I knew she could help. After we had our first session I felt so much lighter and I knew there was something to energy work. Now after working together a few months, I am amazed when I realize that things that caught me before just don’t bother me anymore. I am so much more aware of my thoughts and how they affect me. I know what to do when I bump up against the limiting beliefs. Allyson is so patient and quite intuitive and has really been able to get to the root of the problem and help me fix it! I am doing things now that scared me before — things I needed to do to get where I want to be. I am so grateful she came across my path because it has made all the difference to me!

Carol L.

I have done a couple of sessions, and they were absolutely amazing! My life has changed for the better. Before my fist session with Allyson I had money issues, anxiety and self worth issues. I was carrying around a lot of generational garbage and false beliefs. Allyson cleared them for me. I started reciting and writing affirmations that were given to me during the sessions. They have become a big part of my life, and have made a huge difference. I feel better, and I am sleeping better! Allyson is a very caring, easy person to talk to and work with. She brought energy healing into my life at just the perfect time. She loves what she does, ad you can definitely tell! I love energy healing; it’s fast and effective, and it WORKS!!!

Karen L.Magna, UT

I am so incredibly glad that I found Allyson! I have had a few physical and relationship issues that had not gone away even though I’ve used EFT on myself successfully for other things and have had many, many hours of counseling, among other things, that have improved my life immensely. But these few things just wouldn’t go away and I started looking into energy healers to find someone who could pinpoint the cause and clear it. Allyson was able to do exactly that! In two sessions she has almost completely cleared Raynaud’s, sinusitis, vision problems and a major family relationship issue to name the most important ones. These changes are making my life so much more simple because I no longer need to have gloves and dress as warm all the time and will no longer experience the strain on my eyes, face and neck from compensating for my vision problem. I have been seeking these solutions for years and Allyson took care of them in just 2 sessions. That is amazing! And I’m very grateful!

Julie B.Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada

Allyson has an amazing intuitive sense and was extremely helpful in identifying and helping me get to the root of some relationship problems and beliefs. Things came up to release that I hadn’t considered before, but immediately I knew they were holding me back from greater happiness in so many ways. She is smart, quick and keen to help you, and is no-nonsense! When wanting to move forward in life sometimes we just need to stop thinking so much and just let go and act. If this is what you are wanting, then meeting with Allyson will change your life!

Tamarah B.South Jordan, UT

After meeting with you I had such a sense of relief, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Everything just started to feel like it was falling into alignment. I had such a positive experience! I look forward to my next session.

Alicia M.Torrance, CA

I can’t tell you how awesome I feel today.  I woke up this morning and didn’t have any tummy trouble at all.   It has been a long time since my stomach has felt this great.  I am so happy to have found you and your wonderful gift.  I will always be indebted to you and grateful that you were able to help me.  I can’t wait to give you a progress report next time we meet.

Jenny B.Lehi, UT

I had an initial meeting with Allyson Chavez and was pleasantly surprised about how I felt when I left the session. Although I am not sure if I believe fully in energy healing, I walked away feeling great. Allyson put me at ease right from the beginning of the session and kept it that way throughout. I would recommend her as a practitioner to anyone, especially to anybody who is a little hesitant about energy healing. Allyson has a natural way with people and is able to explain what she is doing without sounding condescending or elitist in any way. By the end of the session I was very interested in energy healing and have since spoken with her multiple times about what it actually entails.  I look forward to more sessions with her in the future!

Kyle A.Des Moines, Iowa

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