My Favorite Things

splashmountainMy favorite picture of my family. For our first family trip to Disneyland, I informed the kids we would ALL be going on my favorite ride, Splash Mountain. No sniveling, arguing or complaining. If all went according to plan, this would be our Christmas card. My 9 yo saw the drop before we even got in line for the ride and started to cry. My daughter was sobbing by the time we reached the bottom. The 12 and 15 yos claimed they were damaged for life. But the Splash Mountain gods smiled upon us in humor and love, and this was the picture we got. I know what you’re thinking: did you really use it as your Christmas card? You betcha! And yes, totally worth the therapy we’ll be paying for our children in the future! (Lest you think I’m the world’s worst mom, I did NOT make any of the children ride any ride they didn’t want to for the rest of the trip. :))


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