The most profound lesson earwax has ever taught me

I love my wireless head phones! I love that I can sync them to my phone and go running, lift weights, bike, or whatever, and not have to mess with a cord.

But what I don’t like about my ear buds is that only one speaker works.

Since they’re out of warranty I figured I’d just have to deal with it. But I discovered something life changing earlier this week.

As I was on the phone with a friend I mentioned my frustration with my ear buds. I noticed that there was some ear wax around the edge, and stuck my pinkie nail in to clear it out. (I’ve done this numerous times with little to no results). But as I was cleaning the tiny hole with my relatively large nail, the idea struck me to get a toothpick and see if there was more wax in there than I originally thought.

What do you know, that thing was stuffed with ear wax!! The very MOMENT I cleared the obstruction out of the way and turned on the music, I could hear clearly out of both ear buds.

Can I tell you how AMAZING it is to hear in stereo once again? That hasn’t happened for at least a year!

So. What does this have to do with prosperity? There are things that block your prosperity from flowing directly to you that are very easy to remove. Many times you know just what they are: doubts creep in, you don’t have high confidence in your ability to create prosperity, or you’ve tried it before and it just didn’t work.  

Most of the time we just “wipe around the edges,” so to speak and then continually feel frustrated that life isn’t the way we thought it should be. That’s exactly what I was doing with my ear buds for over a year with hardly anything changing.

It wasn’t until I used a different tool, one that was sharper and could get into the spaces where my previous tool didn’t have access, that things changed. And guess what? It wasn’t the “prosperity” of the music that changed—it was my ability to receive all of it! The music had been coming through both ear buds the entire time. But I was only half open to receive it.

It was, undeniably, the most profound lesson earwax has ever taught me.

Life teaches us fabulous lessons about ourselves every day. Share one of those “little” life lessons you’ve had about prosperity or miracles. I’d love to swap stories!

Your Partner in Prosperity,

What do donkeys, camels, and zorses have to do with prosperity?

A zebroid is the offspring of any cross between a zebra and any other equine: essentially, a zebra hybrid. A horse and a zebra is commonly called a ‘zorse’.

Last week I had a rare opportunity to do a day of service at an exotic animal rescue ranch. I got up close and personal with a camel, zebras, zorses and zonkeys and shoveled more manure than I ever thought possible. Hard work? Oh yes! But it’s hard to beat the wonderment of a zorse (half zebra, half horse) coming up to you, looking you in the eye and nudging you with her head to be petted and loved.

The woman who runs this ranch does it with the help of 3 other retired women and volunteers. That’s it. Nancy’s practically a one-woman show, relying pretty much solely on the generosity of others. She works 16 hour days 365 days a year.

She’d had the worst winter in 19 years this winter and because of the heavy rains she couldn’t get out to muck the stalls every day. Her road was washed out and the ranch was in a mess. Nancy confided that she’d never felt so overwhelmed as she had then, but 14 angels (my colleagues and I) showed up and 8 hours later the place was transformed.

My colleagues and I were commenting on her mission as we drove away from the ranch. She obviously loves what she does or she wouldn’t do it, but man! What a hard mission!  It made me appreciate the relative ease of my own mission.

Knee deep in exotic animal crap is not my idea of a good time. Ever.

Something I’ve realized as I’ve been working toward fulfilling my own mission is that those times when it feels so impossible are those times when I’ve disconnected from my Higher Power and take it upon myself to transform the world all by my lonesome.

THAT’S when my mission seems impossible.

Maybe you don’t even know what your mission is. Maybe you do know, but it feels so big that it scares the heck out of you and you’re just ignoring it right now (I did that for 5 years!). And maybe it’s a “two steps forward, one step back” kind of experience you’re having right now.

All of that is part of fulfilling your mission.  

So instead of trying to change the world today, or even trying to change YOUR world today, just ask yourself one question: Do I feel connected to my Higher Power?

And if the answer is no, you get to connect! Immediately go to gratitude—it’s the fastest way to connect to God and the bigger truth that you live in prosperity all the time, regardless of appearances.

And, hey! Drop me a line about what your mission is. I’d love to hear it and support you! Email me at

Marianne Williamson Saves The Day

I’ve shared with you recently of my challenges with fear and low vibration thinking getting in my way. Most of you know that I’m religious, that my faith (in the LDS, aka Mormon religion) is extremely important to me. Whether you worship the God of your understanding in an organized religion like I do, or connect more to Nature, or Love, or your Higher Power, makes no difference to me. They’re all different ways to describe the same Being.

But no matter your religious affiliation or non-affiliation, if you want to build a prosperous future using mindfulness, you’ve got to be connected to something that is on a higher plane than you are. One who can see farther than you can, who knows you better than you know yourself, and who loves you no matter what you do or don’t do.

I realized just recently that I’d been connected to the wrong plane if I wanted to create prosperity. In Marianne Williamson’s book, The Law of Divine Compensation she talks about the difference between the spiritual plane and the material plane, and our faith in each.

What is the Law of Divine Compensation, anyway? I couldn’t find it in any of my Google searches for universal laws.

Williamson describes it this way: Even when we experience diminishment within the material plane, within the level of spiritual substance, there’s more than enough capacity for the universe to compensate for any lack. Regardless of what has happened in your life, the universe is able and prepared to bring you comfort and repair. It does so when we align to love and let go of fear.

With every attitude we demonstrate faith—either faith in what can go wrong or faith in what can go right. Our problem is that we tend to have tremendous faith in the power of our disasters and far too little faith in the power of miracles…But faith isn’t blind; it’s visionary. Having faith in a positive outcome doesn’t mean you’re denying a problem or ignoring obstacles; it simply means you’re affirming a solution.”

She says that the negative self-images that wander freely through our minds (you know the ones—I’m not good enough, I don’t have what it takes, it’ll never work out, who do I think I am, I’m too fat, no one wants me, etc etc etc) …arise from over-identification with the material plane. Identifying with your material self rather than with your spiritual self will always leave you vulnerable to self-hating projections, because the mortal self is not who you are…”

I am spiritual being having a human experience! And if that’s true, then what I call the Ultimate Reality (which is completely different from current reality) says that only Love is real, and anything that isn’t love falls away from me naturally, and I suffer no more.

This had a profound effect on me, which actually led to a tremendous breakthrough. I realized I’d been identifying WAY too much with the material plane, and not nearly enough with the spiritual plane. In that moment I saw clearly how much fear I’d been in for so long, simply because I let go of love and the whole purpose for starting my business in the first place.

My purpose in my business is to express love, to shine my light in a dark world, and to teach others to do the same! Whether I teach 1 person (myself) or 1 million, doesn’t matter on the spiritual plane!

As I absorbed this truth, I felt tethers being released from my heart, I felt my feet firmly grounded and my eyes lifted to see through current reality to Ultimate Reality. What a glorious sight! Does that mean I don’t stay in current reality? Of course not! But current reality becomes a whole lot easier to manage when I can see the big, spiritual picture beyond it, and know that no matter what happens, I am and will always be provided for!

So thank you, Marianne. You saved the day! Life is filled with magic once again. Or rather, I can see the magic again, the magic that is always there.

If you haven’t read The Law of Divine Compensation, I highly recommend it. Let it change your life as it’s changed mine.

The Most Vulnerable I’ve Ever Been

Time for some true confessions. 2016 was hard! The financial success I created in my business was heady, but I was filled with fear that I’d lose it.

And guess what? I did.

Even as I invested more in my business, held my value better than I ever had before, my programs didn’t fill up and my private clients didn’t renew.

Ten days ago was the lowest I have been since my brother died almost six years ago and I felt so completely abandoned by God. I cried for almost two days straight, even as I was serving my heart out and really trying to raise my vibration.

At 4 am I couldn’t take the voice screaming in my head about what a hack I was any longer, so I got up. But the voice didn’t shut up. It screamed at me some more, that I had no right teaching miracles and prosperity to people when I couldn’t figure out what the hell I was doing for myself. Down, down, down I spiraled while I tried to sob quietly so I wouldn’t wake the family.

I realized that I’d invested so much because I didn’t trust my own inner voice. I’d listened to practically everyone in 2016…except for me. I spun here, there and everywhere in these circles, tossing this program at you, creating that program in the hopes someone would bite, like so much spaghetti against the wall.

Only none of it stuck.

So here I was, ten days ago, wanting to end it all because I was such a fraud, such a hack, without an original thought in my head, teaching processes I’d learned but hadn’t invented myself, and daring to call myself a prosperity coach when all of my credit cards were maxed out and I didn’t know how I was going to pay the bills.

It hasn’t been that dark and scary for me in a long, long time.

Thankfully, we’d scheduled and paid for a Disneyland trip several months ago (back when we were living high on the hog), so I escaped from this darkness the very day all the dark entities were telling me to end it all.

My focus on this trip was to stay in the moment and get some clarity on who I was. Was I the SimplyHealed girl? The miracles and mindset girl? The BANK girl?  Who was I? Was I a jack of all trades but master of none?

WAS I truly a fraud, a worthless hack?

I came home as refreshed as one expects to be after walking 15+ miles every day for 3 days in Disneyland. But the 12 hour drive did wonders for my physical recovery! And my head was clear.

And it’s a good thing, too. Our dog passed away hours before we arrived home, so I had a grief-stricken 10 year old to comfort. Our furnace didn’t heat the house the entire time we were gone, and the technician and second opinion both came back that we needed a new furnace; a repair would only slap a band aid on it for who knows how long.

Coming back to “reality” brought with it anxiety at 3 am…again. But since I was awake, I used it to my advantage to ask who I was. What is my business? What do I want to sell, and teach, and do?

Am I the SimplyHealed girl? Yes.

Am I the Miracles through mindset girl? Yes.

Am I the BANK girl? Yes.

And are all those things mutually exclusive, or can they work together under a common theme? And as I was journaling, I realized they all worked together under the theme of:


Each of these can work on its own, but together, these simple yet profound tools pack a 1-2 punch to scarcity and can launch you right into prosperity.

All these parts are the mechanics of prosperity.

SimplyHealed is the spiritual mechanism of connecting you to your fullest potential.

Miracles through mindset and universal laws are the mental mechanics of connecting you to the big picture.

And BANK is the physical mechanism that connects you to prosperity in business and relationships through people.

I teach the physical, spiritual and mental mechanics of prosperity. Eureka!!

Have I mastered prosperity? Oh, hell no!

But have I been successful in creating it, in spite of  not having something that was uniquely my own? Absolutely YES!

Can I create prosperity again? No question in my mind, I can.

Can I teach YOU how to do it? Yes. Whether you walk that path is entirely up to you. But I can show you the path, teach you shortcuts to clear the path, and set you on your way.

And that’s what I want to do.

So, you’ll see in the coming weeks and months my website getting an overhaul. Miracle Academy is going to get a face lift, a name change, and a format change. And you’ll see that happily reflected in the pricing of this new program.

It makes no sense to teach a program on prosperity, and charge thousands of dollars for that program, when the whole reason for teaching it is that the students in it want to get out of lack! If they had thousands of dollars, they wouldn’t NEED to be taught about prosperity!

So rather than a 12-month, live program taught by me, it will be a 12 week automated program that teaches the mental mechanics and universal truths of prosperity that connect you to the big picture. And it won’t even come close to being thousands of dollars.

You’ll see Prosperity Calls offered every month, which are the spiritual mechanics of prosperity; energy healing calls that will connect you to money and your full potential to make money in a way that is authentic to you. Those will be priced to easily fit your budget.

And I’ll still offer complimentary webinars and training calls to talk about BANK, to connect you to the physical mechanics, the “outer game” of prosperity, if you will—creating prosperity by connecting with people.

My private time will still be at a premium, because working by 1:1 with me you’ll have a VIP experience that is completely customized to you and the prosperity you want to create.

Am I a hack? A fraud? No. I’ve been conscientious about giving proper credit to these teachings and who I learned from. Integrity is high on my list of values.

If you resonate with how and what I teach and the approach I take with prosperity, I invite you to stick around, attend some calls, check out the new program once it rolls out in a month or so.

If not, you can unsubscribe. And that’s okay too.

I can only be me. I only WANT to be me. And I want to serve and make a positive difference for you, while also making a great living doing what I love.

I’ve come a long, long way since 2011, when I was mad at God for abandoning me financially. I’ve learned not to believe appearances, and to trust in the most powerful Being in the universe, who loves me and created me to succeed.

And no matter what is going on in my current circumstances, I am committed to these principles of prosperity, and committed to teach them to you. I know they work all the time, for every person on this planet.

Including me.
And including you.
Here’s to prosperity!

My Valentine’s Gift For You

My husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary last November. I happened to be in a week-long training over our anniversary, and decided months in advance that it would be a ton of fun to surprise my husband by flying him in for the evening, share a romantic dinner, stay the night in a 4 star hotel and send him back home the following day. Everyone loves surprises, right?


My husband is a planner. He likes structure and stability. I, on the other hand, am a nurturer and love relationships, “warm fuzzies” and fun surprises.

I know this because I had used the personality science of B.A.N.K. to crack his code and mine. And because I knew he was a ‘Blueprint’ and I was ‘Nurturing’ I could plan the perfect anniversary memory and honor both of our personality codes

It started with me leaving a card he was instructed NOT to open until 11 am on our anniversary day. I knew he would honor this rule, because Blueprints love rules. And they obey them.

Inside the card I surprised him with a printout of his flight itinerary and an explanation that the kids were all taken care of, I’d planned this well in advance, and knew what I was doing.

He immediately sent me a text asking if I’d made reservations for dinner. I hadn’t, because I didn’t know what we’d be in the mood for that night. He was already online looking at restaurants, texting me the play-by-play. Within 10 minutes he’d picked a restaurant, called them, and made reservations.

He was happy because our evening now had structure and a plan, I was happy because I got to be the cause of a “warm fuzzy” and create a significant memory for us, and because I honored both our codes we had an amazing time together at Downtown Disney and a 4 star hotel in Newport Beach!

If I hadn’t known his code, I wouldn’t have understood his frustration if nothing had been planned, nor would I have honored my code to the degree that I did.

That is the power of BANKcode.
It holds the secrets, the science, the system, and the solution to every relationship you’ll ever have.

So, in honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I invite you and your sweetheart to crack your personality codes and take your relationship to the bank! Go to to crack your code for free. Then copy and paste the link and send it on to your special someone to see how your codes compare.

Once you know each other’s codes you’ll say, “aha!” instead of “aarrggh!”