About Allyson Chavez

Allyson-Denim-72About Allyson Chavez

Allyson Chavez is a personal success mentor and the creator of Miracle Academy, and co-founder of The Prosperity Approach. She merges the power of manifesting with practical steps so you can create miracles in your life.

Allyson works with heart-centered individuals who wrestle with the challenges of manifesting correctly to rewrite their conscious AND subconscious programming, so they can start creating the life they want with simplicity and flow. This will help them to directly master their thoughts, so they can easily let go of fear and doubt and hold the higher vibrations necessary to create not only daily miracles, but the life changing miracles they desire.

Having been on her own journey to overcoming  limiting beliefs and fears, and experiencing the astonishing results from energy healing, Allyson is on a mission to help people worldwide heal from disempowering programming and educate and inspire them to create the miraculous life they came here to live.

Allyson has worked with a variety of experts in multiple fields as the host of the 2013 Simply Abundant Summit, helping thousands embrace the simple abundance that is all around us. In 2014-2016 her Make Your Miracles Summit series featured more than 80 experts and taught participants how to find, recognize and create miracles in their own lives. She was also a featured guest on Warrior Woman Radio. Her Bigger, Fuller, Better summit taught thousands more how to live a richer, more fulfilled life. Allyson is an expert speaker and has shared her message and her energy in many venues including live events, as well as online training calls, webinars, summits and teleseminars.

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