About Energy Work

About Energy Work

It’s common knowledge these days that everything vibrates. If you live on this planet, as a person, thing, animal, even an idea, you vibrate. Rates of vibration vary depending on what you are, and what your thoughts are. In fact, emotions are simply indicators of where you’re vibrating in your thoughts. Lower vibrations are feelings like fear, shame, guilt and depression. Higher vibrations feel like love, joy, gratitude, and contentment.

Energy literally knows no boundaries, and we’re all connected energetically. Enter in energy work. Energy can be measured and raised or lowered at will. It can also be worked on in person or remotely, like over the phone or Skype. When you feel stuck in patterns of negative thinking, depression, anxiety, or just a general feeling of being “stuck”, that’s your energy telling you that things are not flowing as they should be. Trained energy practitioners know how to tap into your energy and communicate with it, shifting out lower vibrations and “locking in” higher vibrations.

There are several methods (called modalities) of energy work available. I love the Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed™ method because of its ease, grace and all-encompassing work. We don’t just work on chakras and the aura; we also balance body systems and cleanse toxins and allergies from the energy. We release negative, false beliefs and raise the vibration to a higher, better-feeling level. We also clean up generations of bad emotional DNA! It’s simple, effective, and non-invasive.

Energy is intelligent. It knows what is ready to be released, what is for your highest good, and what lessons are still to be learned. Every session done with me is done only in your highest good. My job is to tap into your energy, find its weaknesses, root them out and make it stronger. Your job is to simply relax, breathe deep and accept and receive this work. If you’ve been drawn to energy work in the past, or it keeps coming into your experience, know that that’s the universe telling you that you’re ready for this!

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