Prosperity Hack #4: Learning how to let go

Several years ago, when we lived with my in-laws while looking for a home to buy, I noticed that my mother-in-law kept giving candy to my young kids right before dinner time. And we all know what happens when children eat candy right before dinner. And I love my mother-in-law to pieces! But I also needed to set some boundaries about candy and mealtime.

When I asked her not to give the kids candy before dinner, she agreed. However, when the kids asked her for candy she told them, “I can’t. Your mom said I can’t give you candy ever again!”

We make up stories around our life, prosperity and relationships every single day. And most of the stories we tell ourselves don’t help us get more prosperous. As a matter of fact, the stories we hold onto (the ones that happened in the past, and the meaning we gave them), as well as the stories we create (like the story and meaning my mother-in-law attached to my request that the kids not have candy before dinner) will either work to move us forward or work to keep us stuck. But the great thing about it is that you can decide the part of the stories you keep and what meaning you attach to every experience!

When worry and fear have you in their grip, it means  you’ve shot yourself into the future and you’re trying to live there, using only the skills you have so far. You’re creating a story about the future that doesn’t support you creating prosperity. The future is really scary when you look at it that way. Bring yourself back to the moment by taking a deep breath and focusing on how you’re supported right now, in this moment.

When old resentments, regrets or guilt bubble up, your mind has taken you back to the past, and you’re holding on to the old stories that make you feel less than you truly are. When you find yourself there, take a deep breath, find the beautiful lessons in those experiences, and choose to forgive yourself and others, letting go of the stories of the past that don’t help you feel good in this moment.

Prosperity is created moment by moment. It’s not created in the future. It’s created now. So it’s crucial to keep yourself thinking in the ‘now’ moment as well.

Using this hack in your life:

When you find yourself reliving painful stories of your past, tell yourself “Everything happens for a reason and that reason is here to assist me.” Then deliberately find the good that came out of that experience. It might take a little bit of time and effort, but I promise there will always be good to be found. It’s a universal law. It’s your job to find the good. And that will help you let go of the pain of the past, while keeping the beautiful lessons and growth it gave you.

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  1. Carla Hamilton

    Great article Allyson, and I love how you said to find the good in everything. However don’t be so fast to assume that we ALL know about what happens to children if they eat candy before dinner. That’s a belief not a truth. I have four children (grown now) and that just was not ever my reality! I never gave candy or sugar that kind of power in me or my children’s lives. I saw all food as good because all food was of God, Source, Infinite Intelligence etc. I never bought into the BELIEF that candy made kids hyper etc. I knew that they were Infinite Christ Consciousness and that they were the power. Just some food for thought. Much Love, Carla

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