Prosperity Hack #2: What Inner Work Isn’t

The 5 Most Profound Prosperity Hacks I’ve learned the last 5 years : #2

I am of the firm belief (based on personal experience) that prosperity is an inside job. You can do all the outer work like getting the perfect job and so forth, but if you haven’t done the proper inner work, you won’t be able to hold prosperity for very long.

First, what inner work is NOT:

It’s not being upbeat and positive all the time, and at all costs. That’s like slapping lipstick on a pig: it’s still a pig, but it looks pretty. Or putting on a “happy face” when you feel like the world is crumbling around you.

Don’t get me wrong: positivity is a part of prosperous living. Expecting things to work out is a huge part of inner work. But if you’re saying one thing and feeling another, circumstances will arrange themselves to match what you’re feeling, not what you’re saying. Every. Single. Time.

So, if you want to create prosperity that will last, you must first become aware of what your dominant thoughts are, and what you feel most of the time. Thoughts and feelings unlock the door to prosperity. They also have the power to shut prosperity far, far away from you. They’re the secret weapons to your success.

Feelings are powerful indicators of what you’re thinking at any given moment. And you can trace feelings to thoughts, and thoughts to beliefs. So if you’re wondering why circumstances are playing out the way they are, be aware of your dominant thoughts and feelings for one day. See if those thoughts and feelings are a perfect match for what is playing out in your reality. (They will be.)

Inner work is all about cleaning out beliefs and thoughts that don’t help you create prosperity, and installing the beliefs and thoughts that DO. And that takes a whole lot more than happy thoughts!

Using this hack in your own life: If you’re feeling anxious, upset, or anything negative, instead of ignoring the feelings or pushing them away, go back to what you were thinking at the time you were feeling those emotions.

Emotions are always tied to thoughts. It’s important to know what thoughts are creating negative emotions, because you literally change your world by changing your thoughts. Negative emotions always come from negative, unsupportive thoughts, and once you’re aware of what those thoughts are, you can go to work to change them.

Prosperity Hack #3 will be revealed next week. I can hardly wait!

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