Prosperity Hack #1

The 5 Most Profound Prosperity Hacks I’ve learned the last 5 years

A business coach I once had said that as I grow and evolve, my business will grow and evolve right along with me. And she was right!

This past year, as I’ve stepped into my own authenticity with greater confidence, it’s part of my mission to help you stay grounded in how to really create prosperity, using sound principles of universal truth, from right where you are.

Living real life, creating real prosperity.

I’ve pondered about the greatest prosperity lessons I’ve learned in the last 5 years since I really began studying it, and for the next 5 weeks I want to share the 5 most profound “prosperity hacks” I’ve learned.

Prosperity Hack #1: Get out of your way!

Do you know what you want? Are you clear about what prosperity means to you, or is it a little vague and nebulous? If you’re not sure, it’s time to get sure!

Picture it. What does prosperity look like? Is it a slower paced life? Doing work that fills you with a sense of purpose? Laughing with your family? Easily paying all the bills? Taking fun vacations?

Get CLEAR on what prosperity looks like for you right now. But notice that I didn’t say it was a particular job or exactly where the vacation is. Don’t get so hung up on the form you want prosperity to take. You can laugh with your family in a number of different ways, can’t you? At a movie, over the dinner table, in the car, taking a walk, over the phone. If you demand that you ONLY laugh with your family around the dinner table, you immediately shut down infinite possibilities that God and the Universe will bring you to experience prosperity in relationships.

If the vacation can ONLY be in Maui for you to be considered prosperous, you cut yourself off from countless other locations that can make you feel even more prosperous than Maui would!

So, loosen up on the form, already! You can be super clear about what prosperity looks like without insisting that it look like something specific.

To help you get clear, write it down. That keeps your mind focused on what you want, instead of drifting off, which scatters your focus.

When the inevitable question of, “How can I ever reach that? I don’t even know what to do!” pops up, dismiss it from your mind IMMEDIATELY. You don’t care HOW right now; all you care about is what the end result of what prosperity feels like for you!

If you simply MUST ask how, do it strategically:

Once you’ve gotten clear on what it is you want, you may ask HOW as long as it’s asked this way: “How can I take one step closer to prosperity today? What is ONE thing I can do that will help me feel just a little more prosperous, and just for today?”

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