The most profound lesson earwax has ever taught me

I love my wireless head phones! I love that I can sync them to my phone and go running, lift weights, bike, or whatever, and not have to mess with a cord.

But what I don’t like about my ear buds is that only one speaker works.

Since they’re out of warranty I figured I’d just have to deal with it. But I discovered something life changing earlier this week.

As I was on the phone with a friend I mentioned my frustration with my ear buds. I noticed that there was some ear wax around the edge, and stuck my pinkie nail in to clear it out. (I’ve done this numerous times with little to no results). But as I was cleaning the tiny hole with my relatively large nail, the idea struck me to get a toothpick and see if there was more wax in there than I originally thought.

What do you know, that thing was stuffed with ear wax!! The very MOMENT I cleared the obstruction out of the way and turned on the music, I could hear clearly out of both ear buds.

Can I tell you how AMAZING it is to hear in stereo once again? That hasn’t happened for at least a year!

So. What does this have to do with prosperity? There are things that block your prosperity from flowing directly to you that are very easy to remove. Many times you know just what they are: doubts creep in, you don’t have high confidence in your ability to create prosperity, or you’ve tried it before and it just didn’t work.  

Most of the time we just “wipe around the edges,” so to speak and then continually feel frustrated that life isn’t the way we thought it should be. That’s exactly what I was doing with my ear buds for over a year with hardly anything changing.

It wasn’t until I used a different tool, one that was sharper and could get into the spaces where my previous tool didn’t have access, that things changed. And guess what? It wasn’t the “prosperity” of the music that changed—it was my ability to receive all of it! The music had been coming through both ear buds the entire time. But I was only half open to receive it.

It was, undeniably, the most profound lesson earwax has ever taught me.

Life teaches us fabulous lessons about ourselves every day. Share one of those “little” life lessons you’ve had about prosperity or miracles. I’d love to swap stories!

Your Partner in Prosperity,

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