The Prosperity Approach:
The Simple Formula to Massive Prosperity

                   3 Pillars + 2 Secrets = 1 Prosperous Life


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Allyson is  THE Ultimate Prosperity Coach.
She teaches how to change your Inner Stance–the place from which you operate– so your bank account, health and relationships will grow.
Allyson has been a host and featured speaker at webinars,
summits, masterminds, and live events.

  • Manifesting With The Masters
  • The Zone Event
  • Warrior Woman Radio
  • Bigger. Fuller. Better. Summit
  • Prosperity NOW Bootcamp
  • Limitless with Kris Krohn
  • Lift Off
  • Master Creator
  • Success Resources America Global Mastermind
  • Inspired Women’s Retreat
  • Messenger Mastermind
  • Empower Your Life Telesummit
  • Find Your Man
  • High Life Summit
  • My Unfair Advantage
  • Simply Abundant Summit
  • The Successful Woman’s Guide
  • Empower You Summit
  • When Spirit Meets Strategy MasterClass
  • This Little Parent
  • Woman Unleashed

Allyson Chavez is THE Ultimate Prosperity coach. She specializes in  changing your Inner Stance –the place from which you operate– so your bank account will grow. She is also a certified SimplyHealed energy practitioner, a licensed and certified BANK sales and communications trainer, an international speaker and a bestselling author.

Allyson uses her unique Prosperity Approach to teach Ultimate Prosperity: a level of living that is not governed by fear or lack. And when clients apply her 3-2-1 prosperity formula consistently, it leads to growth in your bank account, relationships and well-being.

She has worked with some of the world’s foremost experts in manifesting prosperity, creating miracles, managing mindset, and taking inspired action. In addition to hosting her own summits and events, Allyson is an international speaker and mentor who has been featured at numerous events and is recognized for her practical approach and easy to implement strategies.

If you’d like Allyson to speak at one of your events, please send her an email at allyson@allysonchavez.com.

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